Benefits of Advertising on Vans and Trucks


Roll N Scroll's advertising vans and trucks can promote your brand and deliver your message in larger-than-life, eye-popping colors for a fraction of cost per impression. The vehicles and billboards are truly eye-catching and cannot be ignored. Here are the major benefits of advertising using this innovative medium:

  • Supersized Viewing

    Your advertisement gets displayed on huge 10’x5’ sides and a 5’x5’ rear of our vehicles. Widescreen and full-color backlit billboards help in creating compelling visual brand images.

  • Effective Results

    Unlike static banners and newspaper advertisements, continuously scrolling billboards on moving, backlit vans make heads turn. The more interesting the method of advertising, the more likely your advertisement will capture peoples' attention, thereby helping achieve the delivery of the intended message. Your ad will captivate people waiting in traffic, walking along the streets, or sitting inside shops and buildings. High-profile and high-impact advertising that can't be discarded, turned off, or ignored.

  • WOW Factor

    Our vehicles are the most eye catching thing on the road. With the sheer size of each billboard, the scrolling motion of the ads, and internal lighting system that makes your ad glow, we definitely provide the 'wow' factor. Because our vehicles are so attractive and novel, it offers your business a unique way to attract both public and media interest. With a sleek and modern design, bright colors, and backlighting, your ad is bound to attract the audience.

  • Superior Night Viewing

    Innovative backlighting allows your message to be viewed at night with brilliant clarity. Our vehicles feature scrolling and illuminated ads to provide clear messages not just during the day bust also at night.

  • Strategic Geographic Targeting

    Our vehicles follow distinct routes in specified zoned coverage, allowing you to pick a local zone where you want the message to reach. Routes can be customized to target your customers who might be at malls, restaurants, shopping centers, busy intersections, sport events, fairs, or conventions.

  • 3D Showroom and Experiential

    Transform your brand into a live 3D space housed inside our ad truck’s glass walls. Let the public see actual products and live demonstrations. With this living-art display advertising that features three sides of crystal clear glass, our vehicles can become a showroom or a three-dimensional display case for your products or services. Our vehicles are fully equipped to provide mobile showroom and experiential marketing features. People are more likely to invest in your products or services as they feel emotionally connected to them.

  • Proof of Performance

    Our vehicles are GPS equipped and we provide proof of performance GPS tracking and photographs for each campaign we execute.

  • Protection from the Elements

    Crystal clear glass walls ensure protection from wind, rain, and dust. It also gives an indoor feel to the campaign.

  • Affordable Design Services

    No ad designed? No problem! Our design team will create scrolling billboard ads crafted specifically for mobile scrolling applications.

  • Guaranteed Customer Service

    Promoting your business is our business, and we go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that your campaign runs smoothly.

  • Add-ons

    Our drivers and support staff can be used as brand ambassadors. They can wear your brand shirts, caps, and hand out brochures, coupons, or product samples.